The days are getting noticeably shorter and the nights cooler as we head into fall.  As the light changes and casts a golden tint, we’ll still have some hot days, but there’s no denying that summer is coming to an end. Some of us look forward to a fresh crisp morning and the start of a new school year. It’s an especially exciting time for students starting a new year at university or college. It may be the first time living away from home and a first taste of independence. For the parents of students setting off for studies in a different city, this step comes with mixed emotions as they move towards greater independence. However, parents can rest assured that most home insurance policies extend coverage to students temporarily residing away from home. To qualify, students must still be a dependent of the parent(s) who holds the policy and they must be able to prove full-time enrollment at a school, college or university.

Living away from the primary residence could mean that a student might not be driving one of the family cars as frequently as before. While not regularly accessing vehicles listed on the auto policy, students may be eligible for a significant discount, depending on the distance of their school residence.

No matter where they reside, all students who possess a driver’s license and are enrolled full-time at a high school, college or university may be eligible for a discount on their auto insurance if they earn high average grades. Speak to your insurance broker to find out what discounts your company provides or to verify your coverage for students living away from home.

As we all move into a new season, remember to embrace the change and enjoy the vibrant fall colours.